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Wholesale butea superba

This site,, is part of the sales network of Sumatra Pasak Bumi. The main site of Sumatra Pasak Bumi is

Our company is named Sumatra Pasak Bumi for the same reason for which Warren Buffet's enterprise is named Berkshire Hathaway. It's were things started.

PT Sumatra Pasak Bumi is one of the world's foremost herbal sexual enhancement providers. As we are primarily a production facility, we are active in retail only on a limited scale, and focus on wholesale trade.

We operate in several Southeast Asian countries, and have production facilities in Indonesia and in Thailand.

Because Google and Bing localize search results, we aim for a dense network of distributors who may sell larger or smaller quantities.

Our standard initial wholesale order option is for an amount of 2750 US dollars.

This would give a reseller 100 bottles of 100 capsules of 1:120 butea superba extract at a price per bottle of 27.50 US dollars. Wholesale prices do not include shipping, which costs 1 to 2 dollars per bottle, depending on destination.

Reselling prices are entirely at the discretion of the reseller.

On, the official retail price of 1 bottle of 100 capsules of 1:120 butea superba extract stands at 110 US dollars. Resellers may trade at half of our official retail prices, and still turn a good profit.

Because our aim is wholesale, not retail, we do not lower our own retail prices to compete with our resellers. We also list our resellers on our wholesale sites.

As we aim for a dense distribution network, the requirements to become a distributor are minimal. There are no formalities. One may just order a wholesale quantity, and start retailing through any channel with which one is familiar: website, Facebook, Amazon, or even brick-and-mortar.

Furthermore, any order of 2750 US dollars can be split among currently 4 products: butea superba 1:120 extract capsules, Thai tongkat ali 1:200 extract capsules, Indonesian tongkat ali 1:200 extract capsules, kaempferia parviflora 1:30 extract capsules.

Our price structure makes it easy to assemble orders at certain transaction volumes.

The price per bottle is the same for 1:120 butea superba extract and Thai 1:200 tongkat ali extract.

Furthermore, 2 bottles of 1:120 butea superba extract is interchangeable with 1 bottle of Indonesian 1:200 tongkat ali extract, or 4 bottles of kaempferia parviflora 1:30 extract.

A suggested standard initial wholesale order may thus be composed of:

30 bottles of 1:120 butea superba extract

30 bottles of Thai 1:200 tongkat ali extract

10 bottles of Indonesian 1:200 tongkat ali extract

40 bottles of 1:30 kaempferia parviflora extract

All at a price of 2750 US dollars, plus shipping

Our price structure is entirely scalable. For some 20 years, we apply a rule whereby double quantities cost 1.8 times the price.

Thus, the steps are:

2750 US dollars, equivalent to 100 bottles of 1:120 butea superba extract

4950 US dollars, equivalent to 200 bottles of 1:120 butea superba extract

8910 US dollars, equivalent to 400 bottles of 1:120 butea superba extract

16,038 US dollars, equivalent to 800 bottles of 1:120 butea superba extract

28,868 US dollars, equivalent to 1600 bottles of 1:120 butea superba extract

51,963 US dollars, equivalent to 3200 bottles of 1:120 butea superba extract

In the opposite direction, we can accept an equivalent of half the initial wholesale order at a price divided by 1.8, which would be 1528 US dollars.

What to be aware of when searching for a genuine tongkat ali or butea superba wholesale company

If you do a search on Google for tongkat ali, what you get on the first two pages are mostly tongkat ali scams, not the websites of businesses that are genuine traders of tongkat ali. It’s not quite as bad yet for butea superba, but it’s only a matter of time until this will be the same.

What you get on a seatch for tongkat ali are plenty of references to websites of people whose expertise is not tongkat ali but search engine optimization. Such website optimizers rely on the fact that they can muscle themselves into top search engine rankings. The products they sell are cheap substitutes or outright fakes.

Buyer beware! If you want to buy genuine tongkat ali extract or genuine butea superba extract, you should do so from a genuine tongkat ali or butea superba wholesale company (such as Sumatra Pasak Bumi with websites and, not from an Internet wizard.

There are a number of good reasons for this.

For example, if your company produces its own extract and the supplier you are looking for should deliver whole root or chipped root, then what you want is properly dried material. If you buy root by the kilogram than the material should be fully dried because you do not want to pay for water content. Roots should be dried at least 3 months before being shipped.

If your company purchased from a source at a presumably cheap per-kilogram price, check for the water content! This is easily done with a household microwave oven. Take a certain amount of root and determine its weight. Then place it in a microwave oven and heat several times for about 10 minutes. In between heating, wipe of the evaporating water and let the root cool down outside the microwave oven. Then determine the new weight to know for how much water you have paid.

Drying fresh tongkat ali root will reduce its weight by more than half. If you do not buy whole root but chipped root (as many buyers with own extracting facilities do), there is another very good reason why the material should be properly dried. If the material is shipped by container (en route for three to five weeks), you want the tongkat ali to arrive without being infested by fungi. The incidence rate of fungal infestation is directly proportional to the moisture content of the stock that is being shipped. Properly dried and packed chipped root is not prone to fungal infestation, but if you purchase cheaply, what you may obtain may not be properly dried material.

This causes you a double loss. First, you pay for water content; second you get inferior merchandise that is fungus-infested. If you buy wholesale quantities and if you consider certain suppliers, request proof that they are a genuine wholesale company: let them provide photos of their stock and of their operations.

You can also determine whether you are dealing with a genuine wholesaler by looking at the address of people offering bulk tongkat ali. There are worldwide only two countries where the small tongkat ali tree is still common: Indonesia and Thailand.

And for butea superba, Thailand is the only option.

Malaysia, where tongkat ali is most popular, has declared the tree a protected plant. No Malaysian company can have a warehouse with a substantial stock of tongkat ali root. They’d run the risk of being busted for trade in a protected species.

Tongkat ali from a plantation? There are moves in Malaysia and Indonesia to plant tongkat ali in plantations. But the tongkat ali tree takes some 10 years to grow before it can be harvested, and there are no 10-year old tongkat ali plantations, not in Malaysia, and not even in Indonesia.

In Thailand, at least, they have started butea superba plantations.

Most tongkat ali in Indonesia originates from the Aceh province in North Sumatra where you still find large areas of wild forests. The big logging companies have been kept out by the uncertain political situation. They don’t want to move expensive equipment into the area that will then only be attacked and burned down by rebels. Thus, in Aceh you do find large areas of forests with thousands and thousands of huge trees that are more than a hundred years old. The small tongkat ali tree grows best in the shade of big trees.

It is harvested by tribal people without any heavy machinery, and thus without impact on the surrounding vegetation. The tribal people use the forests in a sustainable manner, and, apart from collecting tongkat ali root, also extract resins from big trees, such as damar gum.

For butea superba wholesale prices, please see here.

As established in a widely cited scientific report, butea superba can sharply increase sex hormone levels and sexual desire in men, even to a disturbing magnitude. While most men would just be happy with heightened libido, thank you, and not consult a physician for it, the increase of sex hormones and sexual desire from butea superba can be pathological.

Scientific study here

Printscreen of study here

Amazingly enough, butea superba is the only therapeutic agent, herbal or pharmaceutical, that modern science has considered in the context of increasing genital size.

Scientific study here

Printscreen of relevant sentences here

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Wholesale Butea superba

Capsules 1:120 extract

100 bottles = 2,750 US dollars (27.50 US dollars per bottle).
200 bottles = 4,950 US dollars (24.75 US dollars per bottle).
400 bottles = 8,910 US dollars (22.28 US dollars per bottle).
800 bottles = 16,038 US dollars (20.05 US dollars per bottle).

Bulk 1:120 extract

3.75 kg = 3,106 US dollars
7.5 kg = 5,590 US dollars
15 kg = 10,062 US dollars
30 kg = 18,112 US dollars
60 kg = 32,600 US dollars

150 grams:

100 pouches = 8,910 US dollars (89.10 US dollars per pouch).
200 pouches = 16,038 US dollars (80.19 US dollars per pouch).
400 pouches = 28,868 US dollars (72.17 US dollars per pouch).

75 grams:

100 pouches = 4,950 US dollars (49.50 US dollars per pouch).
200 pouches = 8,910 US dollars (44.55 US dollars per pouch).
400 pouches = 16,038 US dollars (40.09 US dollars per pouch).

Root powder:

3.75 kg = 311 US dollars
7.5 kg = 559 US dollars
15 kg = 1,007 US dollars
30 kg = 1,812 US dollars
60 kg = 3,260 US dollars

Larger orders: quantity times 2, price times 1.8.

Smaller orders: quantity divided by 2, price divided by 1.8.

We guarantee arrival of any quantity to any destination. There is always a legal way.

Wholesale prices do not include shipping.

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